1730 DD 20-210W / 3-60W Led

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1730 DD  20-210W / 3-60W Led
Standard rotary dimmer LED 

Incremental control without end position without satellite input 

Intended use:
Switching and dimming of lighting 
Operation with suitable cover 
Installation in flush-box according to DIN 49073 

Product characteristics: 
Device works according to the leading edge phase control or trailing edge phase control principle 
Automatic setting of the dimming principle suitable for the load 
Device can be operated without neutral conductor 
Switch-on via bulb-preserving soft start 
Switch-on with last brightness or saved switch-on brightness 
Switch-on brightness can be saved permanently 
Minimum brightness can be saved permanently 
Electronic short-circuit protection with permanent switch-off after 7 seconds at the latest 
Electronic over-temperature protection 
Power extension possible by means of power boosters
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1730DD Pöörddimmer standard süv. 20-210W/VA R/L/C AC230V, LED AC230V 3-60W JUNGtk64.19260.982 -5%73.18