AS5544.03V dimmer 3-40W Led

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AS5544.03V dimmer 3-40W Led
Rotary dimmer LED with rotary on/off
with cover and integrated frame
without satellite input

single device, not suitable for combinations

Intended use
Switching and dimming incandescent lamps, HV halogen lamps and dimmable leading edge phase control HV LED lamps
Operation with suitable cover
Installation in flush box according to DIN 49073

Product characteristics
Dimming method: leading edge phase control
Short-circuit protection through fine-wire fuse
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AS5544.03V Dimmer 20-200W hõõglamp 3-40W 230V LED AS500 ELEV JUNGtk31.608 37.93
AS5544.03VWW Dimmer 20-200W hõõglamp 3-40W 230V LED AS500 VALGE JUNGtk31.608 37.93