A562 kõlari puksi kate

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A562 kõlari puksi kate
Centre plate 

with supporting frame, screw fixing only 
for 2 loudspeaker sockets up to 18.5 mm Ø or with flange mounting 22.5 mm hole spacing. 

In connection with mounting plate ref.-no. 63 WBT (not included) for loudspeaker terminal ref.-no. LPK 63 RT/SW and RCA socket ref.-no. CIB 63. 
Second hole can be broken out.
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
A562AL Kate kõlari puksile keskp. A500 ALU JUNGtk12.725 15.27
A562 Kate kõlari puksile keskpl. AS500 ELEV JUNGtk9.167 11.00
A562WW Kate kõlari puksile keskp. AS500/A500 VALGE JUNGtk9.167 11.00
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