A590CARD hotellikaardi hoidja

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A590CARD hotellikaardi hoidja
Key card holder
for push-button insert ref.-no.: 531 U, 532 U, 533 U, 534 U

The key card holder is used to keep the hotel card and to ensure a high level of safety and energy savings, since all possibly powered electrical consumers are switched off automatically when removing the hotel card.
The key card holder will be completed with a push-button of the JUNG portfolio. 
The push-button ref.-no. 533 U with NO/NC contact and additional N-terminal is recommended. The separate N-terminal enables the illumination of the device with incandescent or LED lamp at the same potential. If the pilot lamp should not be at the same potential, please install the push-button ref.-no. 534 U with separate signalling contact.
Installation note: No plaster compensation possible. Insert must be mounted flush with 
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
A590CARDAL Hotellikaardi hoidja-lüliti A500 ALUM JUNGtk39.583 47.50
A590CARDSW Hotellikaardi hoidja-lüliti A500 MUST JUNGtk47.808 57.37
A590CARD Hotellikaardi hoidja-lüliti AS500/A500 ELEV JUNGtk30.800 36.96
A590CARDWW Hotellikaardi hoidja-lüliti AS500/A500 VALGE JUNGtk30.800 36.96