A594-0 pime kate

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A594-0 pime kate
Blank centre plate (snap-on fixing)
with supporting frame, screw fixing only

The cover will be installed with snap-on fixing and enables individual cuttings or drilling holes.
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
A594-0AL Pime keskplaat A500 JUNG ALUtk13.300 15.96
A594-0ANM Pime keskplaat A500 ANTRATSIIT-MATT JUNG tk10.242 12.29
A594-0CH Pime keskplaat A500 ŠAMPUSEKARVA JUNG tk13.300 15.96
A594-0MO Pime keskplaat A500 MOKKA JUNG tk13.300 15.96
A594-0SW Pime keskplaat A500 JUNG MUSTtk10.242 12.29
A594-0 Pime keskplaat AS500 ELEV JUNGtk4.000 4.80
A594-0WW Pime keskplaat AS500/A500 JUNG VALGEtk4.000 4.80