AS1561.07 puutedimmeri kate*

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AS1561.07 puutedimmeri kate*
Standard centre plate
for inserts ref.-no.: 1201 URE, 1201-1 URE, 1202 URE, 1225 SDE, 1240 STE, 1244 NVSE, 1254 TSE, 1224 LED UDE
for satellite unit ref.-no.: 1220 NE

Delivery capacity is ensured until the end of 2019.

Operation with e.g. a dimmer insert:
1. Longer operation of the upper half: dimming from min. to max.
2. Short operation of the upper half: ON / OFF
3. Longer operation of the lower half in ON mode: dimming from max. to min.
4. Longer operation of the lower half in OFF mode: switching ON with min. brightness
5. Short operation of the lower half: ON / OFF
6. Operation of the full surface area for min. 3 sec.: storing the current brightness value
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
AS1561.07 *Puutedimmeri kate AS500 ELEV JUNGtk12.900 15.48
AS1561.07WW *Puutedimmeri kate AS500 VAL JUNGtk12.900 15.48