TRUDA231 digi ruumitermostaat universaal

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TRUDA231 digi ruumitermostaat universaal
Room thermostat universal with display
Automatic control with programmable time and temperature settings possible
with white illuminated display
screw fixing only, without claws

Intended use
Measuring and controlling the room temperature
Measuring and controlling the floor temperature
Room temperature control via floor heating with a limiting function (for example in conjunction with tiled stoves)
Can be used for 'heating only' or 'cooling only'
Installable in a box in conformance with DIN 49073
Only for use in dry, enclosed rooms

Product characteristics
Large display with backlighting
Text display for self-explanatory operation
Programmable even when the controls are removed
Different user languages can be selected
Real-time clock with automatic summer/winter time changeover
Internal temperature sensor
An external remote sensor can be connected
Three selectable and adjustable time temperature programs for automatic mode
A maximum of nine operating times per day (the setting can also be terminated after a specific operating time)
Can be individually programmed every day, or a block of operating times can be set: workdays/non-workdays, all days the same
Can be manually adjusted at any time
'Vacation' mode with the entered date (from/to)
'At-home' mode (present)
Short-time timer ('party function')
Frost protection function
Display of energy consumption for electric heating systems
Pulse width modulation (PWM) or two-point control system
Adjustable cycle time (PWM), hysteresis and minimum on/off time (two-point)
Switch-on delay, such as for burners (with two-point control)
Adaptation to valves normally open or closed
Valve protection (as a room temperature controller with and without a limiting function)
Separate resetting of user and installer settings
Heating interruption acc. to EN 50559 adjustable (not for valves opened without power)

The control method depends on the type of heating and is determined by the installer:
Room temperature controller: The heating is turned on when the room temperature falls below the set target temperature (measured with an internal sensor or external remote sensor).
Floor temperature controller: The underfloor heating is turned on when the floor temperature falls below the set target temperature (measured using an external remote sensor).
Room temperature controller with a limiter (in conjunction with underfloor heating): The room temperature is measured and regulated using the internal sensor. An additional external remote sensor is connected to measure the floor temperature, and a target temperature range for the floor is set. The room temperature control is deactivated when the floor temperature is outside of this range. If temperature falls below this range, the heater is turned on, and if the temperature is above this range, the heater is turned off independent of the current room temperature.

external sensor ref.-no.: FF 7.8
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TRUDA231ALDIGI ruumitermostaat universaalne A500 ALUMIINIUM JUNGtk237.70 285.24
TRUDA231ANMDIGI ruumitermostaat universaalne A500 ANTRATSIIT-MATT JUNGtk235.57 282.68
TRUDA231MODIGI ruumitermostaat universaalne A500 MOKKA JUNGtk237.70 285.24
TRUDA231WWDIGI ruumitermostaat universaalne AS500/A500 VALGE JUNGtk232.38 278.86