A 500 AL

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A 500 AL
A 500 AL A 500 AL A 500 AL A 500 AL

A 500

The linear shape of the A 500 range is very persuasive. Frames and covers complement each other, forming a unified whole. Available in white and aluminium, these colours emphasise the clear lines of the device. Supplied with the intelligent technology of the Lighting, Radio and Blinds Management systems as well as instabus EIB, this design represents the ideal addition to modern architecture.

codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
A1561.07UAL *Puutedimmeri kate "UNIVERSAL" TULEGA A500 ALU JUNGtk73.200 87.84
FMA1561.07AL Puutedimmeri kate-raadiovastuvõtja A500 ALU JUNGtk110.750 132.90
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