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Stainless Steel

The stainless steel range brings a new attractive quality to modern architecture. With its classic, timeless shape and covers made out of pure stainless steel with a slightly matt finish, the devices provide even highly complicated technology with a functional but refined exterior and at the same time a structural emphasis.

codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
ES2990KL 50x50 seadmete kaitsekaan IP44 EDELSTAHL JUNGtk14.067 16.88
ES5020KI-L 2-ne pesa süv.maand.lastekaitsega ROOSTEVABA JUNGtk41.508 49.81
ES2581A-L 1-ne adapterkarp pinnapealseks paigalduseks ROOSTEVABA lakitud JUNGtk17.883 21.46
ES2582A-L 2-ne adapterkarp pinnapealseks paigalduseks ROOSTEVABA JUNGtk29.858 35.83
ES2961Z5-L Vaheraam 55x55mm sedmete paigalduseks ROOSTEVABA JUNGtk13.350 16.02
FMES1561.07 Puutedimmeri kate-raadiovastuvõtja ES ROOSTEVABA JUNGtk117.792 141.35
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