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9196-91 165x165mm

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9196-91 165x165mm
Junction casing 165 x 165 x 72 mm 
Order number: 9196-91 
EAN: 4013456231009 

For installation: DIN terminal strips, TS 35 standard rails for terminal strips, etc., terminal blocks up to 16 mm² 
With drilling template (supplied) 
Including cover 

Length165 mm 
Width165 mm 
Depth72 mm 
Cut hole Ø4 x 68 mm 
For terminals up to16 mm2 
Break-out openings Ø 20 mm8 
Break-out openings Ø 25 mm2 
Break-out openings Ø 32 mm2 
Cable entries for NYM and low-voltage cabling 
Use separator wall 
For maximum of 2 electrical circuits
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
9196-20 Kipspl.harut.vahesein 165x165m KAISERtk2.68 3.22
9196-91 Kipspl.harut.kand.KAANEGA165x165x72mm KAISERtk20.96 25.15