Liimankur Q-seeria

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Liimankur Q-seeria
Screwable or self adhesive versions
Perfect for combination with Q-ties
4-way entry for cable ties
Adhesive with high pull-off force
Locks cable tie in vertical position, means the hands are free to apply cables
Q-mounts are ideally suited for holding our innovative Q-ties in place. They would perfectly fit to all applications where a reliable and durable fixation is required. Self adhesive versions of our Q-Mounts are suitable for applications where using screws, nuts, bolts or drilling holes to fix cables is problematic, or not the first choice.
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HT151-10905 *Liimankur Q-seeria QM30A 30x30mm VALGE HELLERMANN tk0.050 0.06
HT151-10916 *Liimankur Q-seeria QM40A 40x40mm MUST HELLERMANN tk0.117 0.14