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Enclosures and covers die-cast in aluminium alloy UNI 7369/2nd, supplied with blank walls and cover on, with screws for attaching the cover and for earthing. Protection degree of assembled items: IP66. The outside of the enclosure is varnished giving an attractive appearance, while the inside has been left rough to guarantee the electrical continuity. Perforated zinc coated steel mounting plates can be attached to the enclosures, they are used for attaching equipment, terminals, etc.. 

Protection degree :IP66/IP67 
Operating temperature :according to the reference standard -25°C +60°C 
Maximum operating temperature :(short period) -40°C +90°C 
Material :Aluminium alloy 
Impact resistance: IK degree at 20°C IK08 
Cable inlets :Blank sides 
DIN rail fixing: Yes 
Colour: Grey RAL 9006 with metallic pigments
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
653.00 Alubox 100x100x59 IP66 Scame tk6.917 8.30
653.01 Alubox 140x115x60 IP66 Scame tk10.600 12.72
653.011 Alubox põhjaplaat 140x115 harukarbile Scametk2.800 3.36
653.012 Alubox põhjaplaat 166x142 harukarbile SCAMEtk2.500 3.00
653.013 Alubox põhjaplaat 192x168 harukarbile SCAMEtk3.083 3.70
653.02 Alubox harukarp IP66 166x142x64 SCAMEtk10.417 12.50
653.03 Alubox harukarp IP66 192x168x80 SCAMEtk15.250 18.30