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5-button transmitter to a Ø60 flush-mounted box. 
Features of the device 
*Five-button remote control transmitter; 
*Cooperation with remote control transmitters of the F&Wave system; 
*The ability to control any number of receivers; 
*S1, S2 and S3 inputs functionality: - on/off (bistable switch) with receivers: FW-R1P, FW-R1D, FW-R2P, FW-R2D, FW-D1P, FW-D1D, FW-LED2P, FW-LED2D; - raise/lower the roller-blind with receivers: FW-STR1P, FW-STR1D; - dim/lighten the lighting with receivers: FW-D1P, FW-D1D, FW-LED2P, FW-LED2D. 
*The ON input always activates paired receivers and/or raises the roller-blind; 
*The OFF input always deactivates paired receivers and/or lowers the roller-blind; 
*Small size of the enclosure; 
*Screw terminals for easy installation in the Ø60 flush-mounted box. 

Technical data 
power supply 3 V DC 
power consumption button pressed 20 mA standby 15 nA 
battery CR2032, battery life approx. 15 hours of transmitting (pressed button on the remote control) 
working temperature -25÷50°C 
radio frequency 868 MHz 
dimensions 45,5×40×8 mm 

Operating range In an open space without any interfering factors the range of the devices controlled by radio fluctuates within the limits of 100 m. The range can be improved by direct retransmission of modules located in mutual coverage area.
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
FW-RC5 5 pingevaba sisendiga harutoosi moodul F & Wawe 868MHz F&Ftk17.50013.125 -25%15.75