tesa® 51006 Tekstiilteip

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tesa® 51006 Tekstiilteip
Product description
tesa® 51006 is a PET cloth tape with a rubber-based adhesive providing reliable abrasion protection of automotive harnesses. The high initial tack, a constant unwind force and the flexible backing enable smooth and efficient application in the car body.
The high adhesion and good flag resistance ensure secure harness bundling. Its properties are optimized for manual application. The temperature resistance depends on the insulation material.

Main features:
Resistant to abrasion
High initial tack and adhesion
Optimized for manual application
Can withstand environmental influences
Constant unwind force – optimized for manual application
Flexible and smooth

Color: Black

Main applications
tesa® 51006 has been specially designed for bundling and wire protection against abrasion. The main application field is the engine compartment of a car, with demanding temperature-related and environmental conditions.
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51006-00000-00 Tekstiilteip must 25m x 19mm 150°C TESAtk5.000 6.00