9066-01 Tuulekindel toos

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9066-01 Tuulekindel toos

One gang junction box

  • wind tight version
  • cutting hole Ø 68 mm
  • for plate thickness 7 - 35 mm
  • cable or conduit entries to max. Ø 25 mm made by means of Universal opening cutter 1085-80
  • switch screw separation 60 mm
  • with holding ring
  • fireproof up to 850° C to VDE 0606 norm
  • protection class IP 3X
  • dimensions to DIN standard
  • normed combination distance 71 mm
  • fully insulated through-wiring in combinations of boxes and junction boxes for switches and sockets through support connectors
  • automatic strain relief of sheathed cables, self-clamping of conduits
  • can also be used as junction boxes with screwed down cover to DIN VDE 0606 norm
  • certifications for wind tightness (e.g. blower door test) and for use in hygienic areas (hospitals, medical practices, etc.) are available.
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9066-01 Kipsplaadi toos tuulekindel 68/65mm KAISERtk1.950 2.34