AU5.6 Seadmekarp väljaviikudega

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AU5.6 Seadmekarp väljaviikudega
  The mounting box includes a rotating, steplessly adjustable extension ring enabling installation on boards with a thickness of 13-27 mm. Installation depth is 55 mm and overall height 58-72 mm. The extension ring can be tilted 0-4º and the box has 2 opened branch inlets for 16/20 mm conduits. In addition, there are four knock-out inlets on the side, two 16 mm and one 20 mm inlet in the bottom. Made of halogen free material (IEC/61249-2-21) and fulfills the requirements of the glow wire test according to the standard IEC/EN60670: 2005 (850 °C).
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AU5.6 Seadmekarp väljaviikudega 2x20mm, 71mm, sügavus 58mm, seadistatava rõngaga (EI60) ABBtk3.175 3.81