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The PrimaVision Mini for CDM family

Miniature HID electronic gear for CDM lamps – freeing up the boundaries of creativity and innovation in luminaire design.

Loop Through feature (in independent version)
Smallest gear and highest wattage in miniature size
Minimal lamp power spread
Lamp end-of-life detection
High Tambient and Tcase temperatures
Long lifetime of 40,000 hour
codedescription  priceprice+VAT
913700601466LaoseisHID-PV m PGJ5 20 /S CDM LPF 220-240V ballast Philipstk 50.0045.00 -10%54.00
913700665966LaoseisHID-PV m 50 /S CDM HPF 220-240V 50/60Hz elektroonne liiteseade Phillipstk 35.0031.50 -10%37.80
913700696166LaoseisHID-PV m 35 /S CDM 220-240V 50/60Hz elektroonne liiteseade Philipstk 47.5042.75 -10%51.30