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HO3VV-F/HO5VV-F kiudkaabel

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HO3VV-F/HO5VV-F kiudkaabel
Cable symbol explanation: H05VV-F - cable manufactured according to harmonized standard (H) for voltage 300/500V (05) for voltage 300/300V (03) in softened PVC insulation (V) and softened PVC sheath (V) with flexible copper multi-wire conductors (F)
Conductors: copper, multi-wire, class 5
Insulation: softened PVC
Sheath: softened PVC
Insulation colours: 2-core: blue, brown 3-core: green and yellow, blue, brown 3-core: brown, black, grey 4-core: green and yellow, brown, black, grey 4-core: green and yellow, blue, brown, black 4-core: blue, brown, black, grey 5-core: green and yellow, blue, brown, black, grey 5-core: blue, brown, black, grey, 7-core: green and yellow in thee outer layer, the remaining ones are black and numbered
Operating temperature: -15°C to +70°C
Nominal voltage: 300/500V Application: cables are intended for connecting movable and portable household appliances of general use operating in average conditions, eg. kitchen appliances: washing machines, fridges and heaters, on condition there is no danger of close contact between cables and hot units
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
H03VV-F 2x0,75Kiudkaabel 2x0,75mm² 300V m 0.33 0.40
H03VV-F 2x0,75BLKiudkaabel 2x0,75mm² MUST 300Vm 0.33 0.40
H03VV-F 2x1 BLKiudkaabel 2x1,0mm² MUST 300Vm 0.40 0.48
H03VV-F 2x1,0Kiudkaabel 2x1,0mm² 300Vm 0.41 0.49
H03VV-F 3x0,75Kiudkaabel 3x0,75mm² 300Vm 0.45 0.54
H03VV-F 3x0,75BLKiudkaabel 3x0,75mm² MUST 300Vm 0.45 0.54
H03VV-F 3x1Kiudkaabel 3x1mm² 300Vm 0.60 0.72
H03VV-F 3x1 BLKiudkaabel 3x1mm² MUST 300Vm 0.60 0.72
H03VV-F 3x1,5Kiudkaabel 3x1,5mm² 300Vm 0.83 1.00
H03VV-F 3x1,5 BLKiudkaabel 3x1,5mm² MUST 300Vm 0.83 1.00
H03VV-F 4x0,75Kiudkaabel 4x0,75mm² 300Vm 0.51 0.61
H03VV-F 5x0,75Kiudkaabel 5x0,75mm² 300Vm 0.77 0.92
H05VV-F 2x1,5 BL NKIKiudkaabel 2x1,5mm² MUST 300/500Vm 0.51 0.61
H05VV-F 2x1,5 NKIKiudkaabel 2x1,5mm² 300/500Vm 0.53 0.64
H05VV-F 3x2,5 NKIKiudkaabel 3x2,5mm² 300/500Vm 1.28 1.54
H05VV-F 3x4Kiudkaabel 3x4mm² 300/500Vm 1.67 2.00
H05VV-F 4x1,5 NKIKiudkaabel 4x1,5mm² 300/500Vm 1.41 1.69
H05VV-F 4x2,5 NKIKiudkaabel 4x2,5mm² 300/500Vm 1.65 1.98
H05VV-F 5x1,5 NKIKiudkaabel 5x1,5mm² 300/500Vm 1.25 1.50
H05VV-F 5x2,5 NKIKiudkaabel 5x2,5mm² 300/500Vm 1.97 2.36